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5 Mins With...Amanda Reboul

If you needed to know anything about champagne (or truffles) in Brisbane the person you'd want on speed-dial is Amanda Reboul. What she doesn't know on the topic isn't worth knowing. 

Champagne is such a passion for Amanda that she will soon host the very first Effervesence Festival from the 19-21 August at Spicers Hidden Vale. Celebrating everything about champagne (including tastings and masterclasses) guests will be guided through the different regions and styles of the world's most loved wine. 

We sat down with Amanda to find a little more about her path to champagne educator and more...


What is your favourite meal to cook? 

I absolutely love a good old fashioned roast chicken! I love everything about it – preparing the chicken, the smell of it cooking, the crispiness of the skin, carving into it and watching the juices run through. 

What led you to work with champagne? 

When we moved to Australia in 2006, I had been a stay at home Mum for about 10 years, and felt the only thing I really knew about was travel with kids and champagne. We noticed there was a hole in the market in Brisbane for smaller grower champagnes, and missed some of our favourites from France, so decided to have a go at importing some. I am absolutely passionate about champagne and wanted to share this with people, so I started writing a blog, which lead to some masterclasses and dinners

What's the biggest tip you'd suggest to people for buying good champagne?

The old adage of you get what you pay for is very relevant for champagne. It’s very important to read the label carefully – it should have CHAMPAGNE written quite prominently on the bottle. If it only says Product of France, and no big letters saying champagne, it is French Sparkling wine, not champagne.

The best meal you've had (at a restaurant or home cooked?)

I had an unforgettable meal at a 3 Michelin star restaurant in Paris ‘Lucas Carton’. It was a three course lunch, and I can still taste it! We had Langoustine to start with, followed by Poulet de Bresse, and finishing off with the most amazing chocolate hazelnut craquante. We started with a glass of champagne (Louis Roederer, from memory), had a fabulous white Burgundy (a Chablis Grenouilles) with the meal, and more champagne to finish. The attention from the staff, the crispness of the linen, the shininess of the silver cutlery is forever engrained on my memory.

What is the biggest misconception people make about champagne?

That it can’t be drunk with a meal. Champagne is actually so diverse it can be served throughout a meal with every course.

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