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  • Watercolour Workshop with Asuka
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Watercolour Workshop with Asuka

Join Asuka Kagawa for this set of small group classes to learn how to easily and beautifully sketch your adventures. Whether it be in food or travel or simply your neighbourhood, watercolour is great way to bring your journals to life. 

Travel Sketching / Daily Sketching - This series of workshop is designed for all skill levels to start a travel sketchbook or a daily sketchbook. It’s a great way to step away to create something and to capture what interested you that day. Once you finish your sketchbook, you are left with a visual diary that you can flip through.

Asuka's class will not concentrate on accuracy but the process of creating a sketch. Learn how to capture things quickly and get tips on how you can finish your sketch later! Paint and draw for yourself using coloured pencil, watercolour pencil, watercolour and waterproof ink. 

You will have the opportunity to bring your own photos and to be guided on how to sketch the image and suggestions for photos that are easy to sketch with.



Workshop 1: Introduction class

Tuesday 11 October 2016

A class to experiment with different mediums: ink pens, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, watercolours, rubber stamps.

A7 Leuchtturm sketchbook and Unipin 01 pen included for each student.

Workshop 2: Food Sketching

Thursday 13 October 2016 

This class will give you some simple tips on how to sketch food either from real life or from a photograph.

Bring a photograph of food items you would like to sketch.

Workshop 3: Buildings

Tuesday 18 October 2016 

We will go through how to identify or focus in on what to sketch. Bring a photograph of a building or a part of a building (door, door knocker, letterbox, lamps) that you would like to sketch.

Workshop 4:  Scenes

Thursday 20 October 2016 

This is the class to bring it all together. There are several options to challenge you by sketching a bigger scene or placing several sketches on the one page.

Time: 6:15pm for 6:30pm start
$80 - 1 workshop
$215 - 3 workshops
$285 - 4 workshops
All workshops will include a light dinner and drink.
To book call 3852 6797
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  • AsukajournalpaintingsketchWatercolour class