Service Habits

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As a service leader, you know how to deliver on great external results. Yet this means you have little time to build relationships with your team - and it's starting to show. Your people have mentally 'checked out', and disengagement is on the rise. How do you get your team to want to work with you?

This book uncovers the habits at work that limit your effectiveness as a service leader and those that leverage it. The habits discussed in this book can be shared with you whole team to improve overall performance.

In the book, you are asked to soften, slow down, and be gentle when leading people, to be less head and more heart. As a result, you will feel more energised, despite the many distractions of the modern workplace, and able to connect with your team in a meaningful way that increases trust and value in those you serve both internally and externally.

It's a practical handbook on human relations in a world that demands service like never before.