The Success Experiment

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The charismatic queen of introspection and self-discovery, FlexMami is your quintessential modern-day sage, guiding you to get your thinking (and life) on track. As a child you're told to dream big.

During adolescence, you're told to dream reasonably. When adulthood comes around, you're told to take what you can get and be grateful. But what if you want more? Maybe you have a dream that feels unattainable. Maybe you want to take control of your life, or inject some excitement into your existence. The Success Experiment is a guide for the average person with above-average goals, who needs a place to start. Get ready to take a crash course in the study of yourself: your strengths, your weaknesses, your motivations and your barriers to getting what you want, and being who you want to be.

Through her own experiments with success, Lillian Ahenkan transformed herself from a two-time uni drop-out stuck in a career that paid in stress and burn-out, into the highly sought-after media personality FlexMami. And now she's ready to share her magic. If you're looking for a new way to get inspired, or wondering why the universe hasn't handed you your dream life yet, this book is for you.

"A joyful, confident, razor-sharp and exquisitely modern plan to creating success in a way that is meaningful to you." Zoe Foster Blake 'A desperately needed, delightfully digestible handbook on living a successful and fulfilling life. In her deeply thought-provoking but approachable signature style, Flex opens up a refreshing and relatable conversation on self-betterment that'll have you in tears and in stitches all at once.

A game-changing contribution to the traditional and sometimes clinical self-help landscape that you won't be able to put down.' Sarah Davidson, author of Seize the Yay 'This book is a clever, empowering and no-bullshit guide to embodying your most authentic and successful self. Flex's grit, wit and honesty offer a cheeky and refreshing perspective on self-development, personal growth and goal setting.' Mary Hoang, author of Darkness is Golden 'This fast-paced how-to packs a millennial sized punch and will make you think differently about the way you live and work' Emma Isaacs, Founder and Global CEO, Business Chicks and author of Winging It