Baking for Thermomix

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Lesley Russell has spent a lifetime as a professional cook, and cooking teacher. She was also the cook who set TMix+ magazine on its journey, as the magazines inaugural head chef. Throughout her career, she has been a wonderful pastry chef and baker. As Lesley writes: The smell of baking that permeates my house just cant be bought from any shop. For me, its the smell of nurturing, welcome, love and the smell of home. Her recipes for TMix+ have always been aimed at the home cook, while using the wizardry of the Thermomix to great advantage. As she writes in her introduction to Baking, The Thermomix is the bakers best friend. It can whip up a cake batter in no time and the knead function never fails to impress me. Baking includes more than 70 recipes, from simple biscuits and muffins to marvellous cakes, and a selection of breads that will turn any keen Thermomix user into a master bread maker.