Ambrosia 6 : London

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Volume 6 takes us to London, the capital of the United Kingdom, best known as the seat of the former British Empire, replete with footballers, bleak weather, double-decker buses, red telephone booths, and a truly global food culture. This issue unearths the history of the region s eating culture, from the quintessential Sunday roast to front-of-house hospitality when you live in the city of the royal family. Ambrosia, Volume 6: London is a must-have for food and travel lovers alike. Featuring stories from James Lowe, Tomos Parry, Heston Blumenthal, Lee Tiernan, among many other chefs, vendors, maitre d s, and more, this issue will transport readers to London Europe s most touristed city and home to one of the world s most deeply entrenched fine-dining scenes in the country on one end, as well as a ballooning community of immigrant-owned restaurants on the other where the diversity of its residents and the lingering question over British identity from Brexit makes it one of the world s most interesting and dynamic places to access and eat right now.