Honey Orchid Phoenix Red

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A highly aromatic tea with notes reminiscent of sweet potato and dried fig that combine for a long sweet finish. This mouthfeel is smooth and rounded and the tea has a wonderful depth and complexity. 

Our Honey Orchid Phoenix Red is produced from the mi lan xiang (“honey orchid”) cultivar typically used to produce the famed Chaozhou Honey Orchid Phoenix oolong tea. 

This beautiful black tea is produced in limited quantities as tea makers can typically command a higher price for Phoenix Dan Cong oolong tea produced from the same cultivar. We are very pleased to have some of this red tea for our customers to experience. 

Origin: Lizai Ping Village, Feng Huang mountain, Guangdong province, China

Flavour profile: Rounded | Sweet Potato | Dried Fig

Processing highlights: Produced from the same cultivar as our Mi Lan Xiang. Our Phoenix Dan Cong Red tea has been processed from younger tea trees, approximately 30 years in age, and at a lower elevation.

Plucking standard: 2 leaves and a bud

Harvest: 5.04.2018

Cultivar: Mi Lan Xiang

Tea Master: Mr Zhou