Mi Lan Xiang - Honey Orchid Dan Cong

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Our Mi Lan Xiang is a single varietal Phoenix oolong with a distinct orchid fragrance and long lasting honey finish. A deliciously rich and complex tea with distinct stone fruit notes. 

Whilst some care and attention needs to be given in brewing this tea we believe that it’s distinct fruitiness and sweetness make it very easy for many people to enjoy.

Our 2018 tea comes from the same village as our Mi Lan Xiang from last year but has been picked from tea bushes that are slightly older, over 100 years old, contributing to a well-balanced and thickness to the tea liquor.

Phoenix oolongs are traditional Chinese teas revered since the Ming Dynasty. The name applies to a group of oolongs that are grown in Feng Huang Shan (the Phoenix Mountains) of which Mi Lan Xiang is a famous cultivar.

Origin: Lizai Ping Village, Feng Huang mountain, Guangdong province, China

Flavour profile: Full Bodied | Stone Fruit | Honey

Picking standard: 2 leaves and a bud

Processing highlights: The consistency in the brown-black dry leaf shows the skill of the tea master in monitoring and controlling the level of oxidation. The oxidation level is 60-70%. Our Mi Lan Xiang has undergone a light-medium traditional charcoal roasting, repeated 3 times to finish the tea.

Harvest: 28.04.2018 

Cultivar: Mi Lan Xiang

Tea Master: Mr Zhou