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Develop your Painting skills in this 4 week course with Australian artist REK. You will have the opportunity to learn, or re-learn the fundamentals of working with Acrylic paint. REK will demonstrate and teach his effective techniques developed over 15 plus years as a professional artist, debunking myths and letting you peek behind the curtain to gather invaluable insights and improve your skills to create realistic artworks in acrylic paint.

What will I learn?
REK Starts with using a projector for easy outlines and foundation work, special wet palette to make life with acrylic easier, building layers to create realistic depth, acrylic mediums, highlighting and shadows, glazing, effective use of colours to achieve realistic results.
Along the way REK will share many of the useful tips he has learned from real life experience and help you avoid trial and error.

Who is this course suitable for?
This course is suitable for Beginners and people with some working knowledge of acrylics hoping to expand their horizons.

Workshops Details
All equipment provided