The Flames

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Every painting tells a story, but what if the women on the canvas could speak? This is the story of the charismatic - and controversial - artist, Egon Schiele, and his four muses, set against the vibrant backdrop of Vienna in the 1900s, a time when the city was at the epicentre of art, music, and ideas.

ADELE: passionate, fierce, obstinate. The unconventional daughter of a wealthy bourgeois family.
GERTRUDE: spirited, single-minded, possessive. Egon's younger sister who yearns for a life of her own.
VALLY: determined, independent, proud. Egon's model, who has carved her way out of poverty.
EDITH: Adele's sister. Quiet and conventional. Or was she?

Four women, four flames, all longing to be known. In an electrifying, bohemian city like Vienna, anything seems possible. But when they meet the man whose work is sending shockwaves through the establishment, their lives are set on a collision course. Because just as a flame has the power to mesmerize, it can also destroy everything in its path.