German Untranslatable Words

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SIZE: 16 x 12 x 2cm, x1 box, x 20 cards

This set of 20 cards from The School Of Life examines and explains why it is that Germans can verbalise things no one else can it is because of their extraordinary range of compound words.

We are all hugely dependent on language to help us express what we truly think and feel. However, some languages are better than others at crisply naming important sensations, and therefore allowing us to express ourselves more fully. Germans in particular have been geniuses in inventing 'compound' words that elegantly articulate emotions or experiences that we all know, but that other languages require whole clumsy sentences or phrases to express.

The School of Life was founded in London in 2008. With branches located worldwide, they are devoted to helping all people think intelligently about central emotional concerns. This brand designs beautiful tools, life accessories and stationery that focus on key ideas from philosophy and literature, to psychology and the visual arts. Their ideas will exercise, stimulate and expand your mind.