Toothache Issue 05

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This is the fifth issue of Toothache magazine. It features a wide range of chefs from San Francisco, Tokyo, Singapore, South Korea, and Los Angeles. Like our previous issues, this magazine is made by chefs, for chefs. It aims to give some of the media power back to the chefs and it gives them the opportunity to share whatever they’d like. Issue 5's chefs include: Dave Beran (Dialogue), Julien Royer (Odette), Sung Anh (Mosu), Thomas Frebel (Inua), Brandon Jew (Mister Jiu's), Melissa Chou (Mister Jiu's), Clement Hsu (Breadbelly), Katherine Campecino-Wong (Breadbelly), James Wong (Breadbelly), Fabrizio Fiorani, and our editor/creator Nick Muncy (Michael Mina Restaurant).