Karst Woodless Pencils 5 Pack 2B

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This 5 pack of solid graphite pencils were made to inspire your creative moments, following the same design principles as our notebooks.

How many times have you used a mechanical pencil only to have the tip break over and over, or you run out of pencil lead refills and have to switch to a new writing instrument?

With an all-graphite, woodless body you get the nostalgic satisfaction of using a traditional wood pencil without having to sharpen as often or worry about the other necessary accessories for mechanical pencil use. And just like the notebooks, these are made possible without cutting a single tree. Did we mention, it looks great too?

Product info:
✔︎ 2B hardness
✔︎ Length 142mm, Width 7mm
✔︎ Pure Graphite
✔︎ Tree-free
✔︎ Matte finish
✔︎ Optimal lead grade for Karst Stone Paper
✔︎ Unique design
✔︎ Easy to sharpen with any pencil sharpener