Melbourne Secrets: Cuisine, Culture, Fashion, Interiors

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An insightful travel resource capturing Melbourne's secret spots for great fashion, cafe culture and urban delights. Melbourne is a stately European-style city that emanates elegance and charm. The city's laneways are filled with surprises, and the generous parklands and wide boulevards make for an enjoyable afternoon stroll. The city's vibrant cafe culture and sartorial splendour add to this European sensibility. By exploring Melbourne's bustling streets and laneways you will encounter a rich architectural legacy and extraordinary contemporary artistic flair. There are also gems hidden in the basement of a building, or via a flight of stairs leading above the street. Make sure you look up, too, as some of the interesting decor is way above eye level. Capturing the essence of Melbourne is a challenge. Many of the city's unique places are difficult to find, often discovered by word of mouth or simply by getting lost. Rather than try and list every great place and every 'local', this book focuses on a few of the most fascinating areas and their attractions. 'Melbourne Secrets' tempts the reader with a taste of the delights this capital has to offer, through lavish photography and insightful suggestions. This book trails two very successful books in the series, 'Paris Secrets' and 'Rome Secrets.' This latest volume is a modern guide for the urban aesthete - it's perfect for those who are already in love with Melbourne, or those planning a memorable first visit - it is both a beautifully illustrated travel resource and a love letter to the city that captures Melbourne's unique history and atmosphere in spectacular detail. AUTHOR: Stephen Crafti began his career as a town planner, but turned to writing on architecture and design in 1991, following his purchase of a modernist 1950s architect-designed home. He began writing on post-war architecture and design for newspapers and design magazines before branching out to write on all aspects of contemporary design, including furniture, fashion and the decorative arts. As well as books, Crafti also writes for several of Australia's leading design magazines including 'Indesign, Vogue Living Australia' as well as writing on fashion for 'Men's Style Magazine.' He also contributes to 'Wallpaper magazine.' Crafti also has a weekly column with the 'Australian Financial Review.