45 Ways to Live Like an Italian

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You've heard of Danish hygge and Japan's concept of ikiagi, but now learn how to relieve stress and lead a more balanced, joyful way of life using the Italian concept of la dolce vita.

When it comes to self-care, nobody does it quite like an Italian.

Italians are renowned the world over for their ability to savor simple pleasures throughout the course of an ordinary day, a concept known as la dolce vita, or the sweet life. Living a dolce vita doesn't require wealth, status, or owning a villa on the Mediterranean. It only requires you to slow your pace and enjoy the happy moments wherever you find them. And who couldn't use a little more happiness in their life?

If you have ever been to Italy, the transformative nature of the bel paese has certainly wound its way into your soul. But you don't have to visit Italy to live like an Italian or to celebrate life like an Italian.

45 Ways to Live Like an Italian will inspire you to adopt the sweetness of Italy and begin to notice the small daily details that turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences, ultimately making your life richer, more enjoyable, and less stressful.

Focuses on self-care in all facets of your life, including-

This beautifully illustrated gift book makes the perfect gift for Italophiles or anyone needing a reminder to slow down and enjoy the sweetness of life.