A Daughter of the Samurai: The Memoir of a Remarkable Asian-American Woman

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This is the story of one woman's remarkable life successfully navigating two very different cultures--the first memoir of an Asian-American woman.

Beautifully told, this immigrant's account of an unforgettable journey is the story of a headstrong and empowered woman--an loyal wife, a widowed mother and a bilingual breadwinner--finding her way and finding her voice in a strange new world.

Follow in her footsteps and trace the remarkable trajectory of her life as she:

  • Witnesses her father prepare and perform the ritual seppuku and her mother burn down the family home
  • Bids an emotional farewell and sails across the ocean to marry a wealthy merchant in a new land
  • Returns to Tokyo with her two daughters and mother-in-law, only to find her homeland just as alien as America, forcing her to reinvent herself again in order to provide for her family
  • Returns to America with her children following the death of her mother-in-law

An international bestseller when it was first published a century ago, A Daughter of the Samurai emerges as a rare testament to a singular woman's resolve, strength and endurance. This edition features a new foreword by 2022 Pulitzer Prize finalist Janice P. Nimura.