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Andy Web studied Art at the National Gallery. It was his dream to exhibit there one day.
This delightful book tells the story of Andy Web, a tiny, talented spider who loves to draw and is determined to make it big. But there is one creative skill he cannot master... Colour! How will he ever achieve his dream? Join Andy, the original artist-in-residence, as he gets up close and personal with the great masters to learn all he can about art. This charming tale of creative fulfillment through passion and ingenuity is centred around the journey of a lovable character. Delivered with humour and unique illustrations, it offers a gentle introduction to Art Practice and Art Appreciation.
Includes: -Teachers notes -Hide-and-find fun.
"Andy Web is the ultimate Artist-in-Residence." - Robyn Archer ao, Performer, writer, public advocate for the Arts.
"Observation + Dedication + Inspiration = Genius!" - Dr Olivia Meehan, Art Historian, University of Melbourne