Are You Afraid Of The Dark

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Little Tim is the central character for this innovative series that speaks both to parents and their little ones. Each of the first four books in the series deals with a fundamental problem that might affect three- to five-year olds: fear, especially of the dark, anger and aggression that are frightening and difficult to manage, jealousy, perhaps due to the arrival of a new family member and the shyness that makes it difficult to face new situations such as the first day of nursery school.

The book's point of view makes it unique. It speaks directly to the reader, describing a problem and providing five small, simple solutions to help face it. All of the points are imaginative and written using language suitable to the targeted age group with examples taken from the child's daily life that he or she can actually put into practice. At the end of every book, parents will find reflections and behaviours in a section dedicated to them because sometimes, parents find these situations just as hard as their children do and sometimes, even harder.

AGES: 3 plus

About the Author

Chiara Piroddi is a psychologist and expert in Neuropsychology, specialising in Cognitive-Evolutionary Psychotherapy. She graduated in Psychology at the University of Pavia in 2007. She completed her practical training at the Niguarda Hospital and she has written several books for White Star Kids.

About the Illustrators

Federica Nuccio and Roberta Vottero Aka Funny Books, have worked together since 2006. They create illustrations and projects for children's books; they also realised interactive cd-rom and animation.