Arnold Jeffery, Jeffery Arnold

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A delightfully funny comedy about what happens when an elephant and a boy mistakenly end up at the wrong schools.

Arnold Jeffrey and Jeffrey Arnold are two boys with a difference. One is an elephant and one is a human.

A clerical error sees Arnold Jeffrey sent to a school full of humans and Jeffrey Arnold to a school full of elephants leading to some awkward moments and a little bit of heartache. They both discover, however, that acceptance is not too hard to find and friendship is all that matters.

Book Features:

  • Suitable for primary aged students
  • Comedy
  • Read aloud
  • Looks at friendship and acceptance
About the Author
Paul was born in Adelaide, spent several years in Europe as a child and went to high school and university in Melbourne. He did post graduate studies in zoology in Tasmania and Western Australia, has worked as a research scientist and currently lectures and researches in environmental science. He has always loved books and writing, animals and art. His stories are inspired by his children and the child within us all. Paul Humphries currently lives in NSW.

About the Illustrator
Ann-Marie Finn is an illustrator and author of children's books. She lives in Brisbane with her two young boys who inspire new stories and ideas every day. She started her career in the UK, but migrated to warmer climes in 2007 and is now a happy Australian and proud owner of a bookshop. Ann-Marie Finn lives in QLD.