Avoiding The Aging Parent Trap

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Informative and insightful, this is the essential family guide to preparing for ageing parents.

This is a book that forces us to confront what most of us avoid - planning for our ageing parents. Our natural inclination is to wait and see what might happen. But when it does happen, or starts to unfold, we, and our siblings, are totally unprepared. Poor decisions, disputes with siblings and partners and the destruction of relationships can be the aftermath. Brian should know, as a lawyer working in this area for over 20 years, he has dealt with the fallout from these failures in families. Avoiding the Ageing Parent Trap is packed full of practical strategies for dealing with family dynamics and managing financial and legal affairs.

This book this is your go-to resource for:

  • Information and practical case studies to support families in their legal, financial, and healthcare decision-making.
  • Easy to read and commonsense advice from a leading elder care lawyer, with hands-on experience and examples to demonstrate what to expect, and even better, how to plan and prepare.
  • Help navigating the best outcomes for aging parents, from estate planning to Centrelink, residential aged care, wills, and financial pitfalls to avoid.
  • A well-crafted, informative, and engaging read on a sensitive subject.
‘’An Invaluable Guide” Noel Whittaker (best-selling author and finance expert)