Balckwing Volumes 651 - Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee needs no introduction as one of the most iconic and influential martial artists of all time. But at his core, he was a philosopher. If you looked through his notebooks, you would find them filled not only with thoughts on fighting but also with poetry, affirmations, and observations on life.

Having grown up in Hong Kong and the United States, Lee saw the value in learning as much as he could from as many cultures and schools of thought as possible. He applied this view to the development of Jeet Kune Do, his own hybrid martial art and a precursor to modern mixed martial arts. Jeet Kune Do emphasizes freedom, simplicity, and effectiveness above all else, rejecting the rigidity and limitations of traditional martial arts.

These pencils are a tribute to Bruce Lee and his eclectic philosophies, both in combat and in life. Their black and yellow pattern is inspired by Lee's iconic striped jumpsuit in The Game of Death—his final, unfinished film. The volume number 651 is a reference to 651 South Weller Street, where Lee opened his first formal martial arts school.

These pencils feature an extra-firm core similar to that of the Blackwing Natural pencils, which holds a sharp point without sacrificing dark lines. The pencils' erasers are latex free, and replacement erasers are available in a variety of colors.