Charlie's Shell

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Charlie the snail is taunted by three passing slugs. Charlie looks different, he has a big shell on his back.
Bewildered and upset, Charlie has a very clever idea - to discard his once-beloved shell so he too could look like a slug. Alas! Being bare is not as easy as it seems. Painful sunburn, pelting hailstones, prickly brambles and a swooping magpie are just some of the many misfortunes to befall a helpless shell-less snail!

A snail tale with an important message at the heart - to appreciate the shell you’re in!

About the Author

Marina is a digital designer and illustrator. She immigrated from Bulgaria in the early 90's, and Australia has been her home since. Her dream was always to become an artist, but it wasn't until her daughter was born in 2015 and she spent many hours reading to a small child, that a great love of children's picture books was rekindled. She wrote Charlie's Shell , a tale about being happy in the shell you're in, for her 3 year old, who upon finding an empty shell in the garden, wanted to know why the snail had left it there.