Chris Humfrey's Awesome Australian Animals

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Chris Humfrey is an Australian zoologist and television personality who has starred in his own series on ABC and Animal Planet.

Chris shares his home in Macedon, Victoria, with 2,000 animal 'housemates' and takes his award-winning 'the Zoo Comes to You' mobile education program around the country,reaching 250,000 children each year.

And a couple thousand other pets. The Humfreys' residence isn't a home as much as it is a private zoo where human and animal sagas unfold daily. It goes without saying that it is not easy to keep the animals in check, which is why Chris and his wife, Nicole, have a motley crew of zookeepers to try to keep the animals happy and healthy.

Whether it's rescuing a baby joey deserted by her mother or working to keep away the foxes that wreak havoc at night, it's always an adventure at the Humfreys' Home.