Counter Issue #2 Renewal

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Each issue explores food through complex, future-focused and age-old themes, appreciating the fundamental ties between humans and how and what we eat. We use a combination of long-form journalism, essays, interviews, photojournalism and the occasional recipe. We bring together a wide range of experts and practitioners from arts to sciences, and journalists to food producers. 

Renewal is constant in the world of food: food cultures, industries, systems and recipes are ever evolving, and the cycle of life and death is seen all around us. This issue speaks to the collective unease and apprehension that we share in 2020, offering hope and consolation.  Features: Colin Ho and Nick Jordan on 'Restaurant Reviews are Dead’. Rebecca Huntley in conversation with Annabel Crabb. Victor Steffensen on Cultural Burning.  Recipes for a New Era - Feather and Bone, Matthew Evans, Daniel Johnston, Cornersmith.