Creatures - 100 Crazy Questions

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100 Crazy Creature Questions offers real science answers to 100 silly animal scenarios.

What if a kangaroo jumped on a trampoline? What happens when a chameleon gets mad? Would an aardvark raid your fridge? There's no question too crazy for this book. The wilder the better! You'll find answers to 100 of the silliest scenarios in the animal kingdom, with answers and explanations based on real science and research.

This information-and joke-packed book covers everything you wanted to know about weight-lifting gorillas (impressive) or playing volleyball with a puffer fish (not recommended). Full-colour illustrations and photographs bring the animals and their challenges to life. You'll laugh. You'll be amazed. And you'll finally get the answers to the wildest what-ifs.

About the Author

Ben Grossblatt has been writing professionally for kids and adults for more than twenty-five years. He writes screenplays, fiction, and nonfiction for readers ages 3 to 300, and he edits kids' stuff and books for adults. He lives in Seattle with his family, which includes a whole bunch of cats.