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Culture is the #1 determinant of team and organisation success and yet too many people still don't know where to begin the evolution process.

Often, they will change the office layout, implement the latest silver bullet method or have the CEO start walking around saying hello to people through gritted teeth. These are lip service responses to culture change that don't provide any incremental improvements to people's working lives.

Culture Hacks is filled with simple, actionable ideas that over time can transform the way that work gets done. From emails to book clubs and meetings to podcasts take regular steps to build a fantastic work culture that everyone wants to be a part of.

Culture change isn't hard you just don't know how to hack your day. With Culture Hacks, you do.

About the Author

Colin D Ellis is an award-winning international speaker, Amazon #1 best-selling author and renowned culture change expert who works with organisations around the world to help them transform the way they get things done.

Able to draw on more than 30 years of public and private sector leadership experience in the UK, New Zealand and Australia, Colin shares his knowledge of workplace culture and project management through his books Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work and The Project Book: How to Consistently Deliver Great Projects, programs and speeches. His work is presented using anecdotes, statistics, practical insights and plenty of humour to ensure that audiences are engaged and laughing! He shares his knowledge of workplace culture and gets people talking through his emphasis on people being the best version of themselves and creating cultures they can be proud of.