Daughter In Law

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Gloriously inauthentic Indian, the Jessi Singh way

Indian OUR way
Sometimes more really is, well, just more. That’s certainly how we feel about Daughter In Law and its chef proprietor Jessi Singh, a man who's spent a career crossing the globe and breaking all those very boring 'Restaurant Rules’ in the very best of all possible ways. In his Little Bourke St laneway spot a devilishly delicious, whirling, swirling kaleidoscope of Indian colour, flavour, culture and community awaits and this book is no different – spanning the four corners of the compass and filled with all the recipes, photos, stories and insights that make Jessi’s food world spin. Global, modern and ever-so-slightly subversive may not be where you think Indian food should be. Too bad. This is the real deal, baby. You’re gonna love it.