Ella And Mrs Gooseberry

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Grumpy old Mrs Gooseberry from next door has lost her love. 'I didn't know you could lose love,' says Ella, her young neighbour. So she begins her quest to find out what love looks like and how she can help Mrs Gooseberry to rediscover it. Her mother says love is warm, like a home-cooked pie. Her teacher says it's like lanterns in the night, sparkly and bright. Perhaps though, for Mrs Gooseberry, love might look like a little kitten.

Ella and Mrs Gooseberry is a heart-warming picture book about a child's understanding of love and how it makes you feel. It's a story of community and the ripple effect of selfless giving, ideal for creating opportunities for discussion about kindness, empathy and helping others.

About the Author

Vikki Conley is a children's author, communicator, book reviewer and intrepid adventurer.

About the Illustrator

Penelope Pratley has been mucking about with paint since she was a small girl. She has taught art from preschool to high school, and now works as an illustrator at her business, Penelope's Nest. She is the illustrator of `The Art Garden' (EK Books).