Emotional Resilience

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This is a book is for anyone who wants or needs support and guidance with their emotions, helping them to live life and to stop emotionally reacting to it. It is about how and why we hide, supress and deny happiness in life, and how we can switch things around.

There are practical applications throughout as this is a manual for life and to help you tackle all of life's emotional needs to LIVE LIFE. The first thing we need to realise is that nothing is broken, lost or unworthy. It is with awareness and guidance anything is possible; we are a limitless species, and if there is a will and desire, there is a way.

The reality is that humans apply labels to things to explain them, to make sense of them; we put people in boxes. This is regrettable as it makes judgments and we inappropriately attach ourselves to these judgements placed on us by others, and then ourselves, and we often find ourselves unable to separate from them, and they become us.There is another way if you want it, it is always your choice.