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How employable are you? If you are employed, it doesn't mean you are employable!

Technology is escalating the rate of change in the workplace. Five years ago, would you ever have imagined holding meetings via Zoom, or having telephone or video appointments with your doctor?

There are jobs now that we'd never heard of a decade ago. According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children entering primary school today will end up working in new job types that aren't even on our radar yet.

In our current times, knowing the attributes that make you employable will be imperative to your success.

Employable: 7 Attributes to Assure Your Working Future delves into the seven most important traits that employers are looking for in today's competitive job marketplace. Each attribute is given a chapter that examines its facets, ending with a self-assessment for readers to gauge the state of their trait.

Special chapters are included for those marking life milestones: graduates and school-leavers; parents returning to work; people considering retirement; those in midcareer or brushing themselves off after being sacked or made redundant.

A practical section includes chapters on custom-building resumes and CVs, skilling up for interviews, writing compelling cover letters and honing the job search by using transferable skills across job clusters.