Feathered Treasures Exhibition - Meet the Artist, Kristy-Ann Duffy

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Come meet Kristy-Ann and discuss her works and artistic process at two meet the artist events she is holding during her solo exhibition. She would love to discuss her work and artistic process as well as the birds she loves and paints.
Kristy may also bring some 'work in progress' along to show and demonstrate.

Event Information:

February 9, 10am-12pm

February 21, 10am-12pm

Scrumptious Reads Gallery, 92A Arthur Terrace, Red Hill

This is a free event, however bookings are essential. 


About the Exhibition: 
More than just capturing a likeness of birds, Kristy-Ann wants to share special moments she has spent watching birds through her art. She aims to portray their unusual and fascinating behaviours, the beautiful places they live, and the funny things they do. Whether that be a family of frogmouths materialising from what you thought was a mass of dead branches and leaves, the sinuous shapes formed by the necks of black swans as they rip weed from the water, the fabulous fan-dance of a feisty grey fantail, or the beautiful serenade of butcherbirds at sunrise and in the rain.

Kristy-Ann uses a variety of different techniques depending on the character of the bird and story she is trying to tell. Often her work is more abstracted in the background with increasing level of detail to draw you in to the bird and in particular the face and eye. You can capture the soul in the eye.

Kristy-Ann has also used more stylised techniques including some abstracted works using limited pallet and patterns, cubism, and has on several occasions used quality of line and overlapping transparent forms to portray movement. One thing that remains constant throughout Kristy-Ann’s work is the bright bold colours and joyful expression of her love for birds.