Fishing in the Good Old Days

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A reflection on the fishing exploits of yore contrasted against our changing environment

Bob Kearney has been addicted to recreational fishing and is a devout keeper of the legends and lore of the Australian angler.
He is also a world authority on fisheries and marine ecosystem management. In Fishing in the Good Old Days, Kearney looks back on his six decades of experience as a fisherman in earnest pursuit of the iconic jewfish off the rocks and beaches of northern New South Wales. He recalls unforgettable adventures, colourful personalities, the thrill of the chase and, yes, the ones that got away. Along the way, he exposes the environmental consequences of poorly planned coastal activities.

Kearney also addresses a serious question- Is the holistic experience of fishing for fun, now, truly not as good as it was in the 1960s?

Of course, this question rests on many others about recreational and commercial fishing practice, fisheries management, coastal and marine conservation, and the impact of the terrestrial world, including through human population growth and climate change. With a grasp of the scientific research as acute as his ear for the anglers' voices of his youth, Kearney demonstrates that the answer to his question is far from straightforward.