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Pilot Frixion Stamps are a fun way to mark dates in your calendar, decorate your homemade cards, add some personality to your envelopes and more. Each stamp contains unique Pilot Frixion ink which can be erased using the rubber tip on the end of the stamp. Keep your stamp handy on a lanyard or other strap using the inbuilt hole and you’ll always be ready to decorate and stamp.

  • Each stamp can deliver up to 400 impressions before it runs out of ink.
  • The stamp comes pre-inked so you don’t have to worry about messy ink pads or refills.
  • It has an ultra compact design which leaves a small stamp impression on your page.
  • You can use the stamps to mark dates in your calendar, then easily erase them if plans change.
  • The ink won’t bleed through to the next page so you can use it on most paper types.
  • There is a small hole on the stamp so you can attach it to a lanyard or other strap to keep it handy.
  • Erasing your stamp is easy, simply rub the area using the end of the stamp and watch the ink disappear.