Full Moon

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As the sun sets, the little gray rabbits are busy in their secret
workshop, but what could they be making? Children eagerly follow along
as the rabbits prepare for the big event, inviting all of their forest
friends to the celebration. The mice, foxes, porcupines, and other
forest creatures gather as the full moon rises, and finally the big
surprise is revealed. The little rabbits release beautiful paper
lanterns into the sky, where they sparkle like stars in the light of the
full moon.

Camilla Pintonato's endearing illustrations invite us
into a secret world, where wonders take place while the humans are away
and the animals play. Striking, full-spread images of the rising moon
and sun illuminate the magical way the natural cycle of the sky unites
us in wonder, giving children a connection to nature they can experience
from anywhere in the world