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Futureproof Your Career is the essential guide to improving your career and taking full advantage of opportunities for progression. With a major focus on the changing business, economic and technological landscape, it explores the new challenges of job retention and career progression.

With the impact of the pandemic, the ongoing fourth industrial revolution, the broadening awareness of institutionalized discrimination and the concerns around an economic recession, it is an understatement to say that we're entering a 'new normal' in which working patterns and career trajectories have irreversibly changed.

From two leading academics, this is both a practical guide to success and an enlightening insight into the future of work. It draws upon both the authors' academic research and an international array of case studies and interviews to provide engaging and illuminating insights.

Futureproof Your Career features key insights into how jobs and networking are dramatically transforming, and provides readers with the ability to develop a stronger awareness of new opportunities and become better prepared to safeguard their jobs and bolster their career in this new landscape.