GALAH Issue #10 : Invention

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At 176 pages, Galah Issue 10 is full of beautiful images, gardens, recipes and feel-good tales of community, centred around this issue’s theme of ‘Invention’. It makes the perfect companion for a quiet cup of coffee.

Please note: Issue 10 will be shipped from its on sale date of 15 July 2024. 

Here’s what you'll read about in Issue 10:

  • What zero-waste activist Joost Bakker did next
  • Australia’s mad inventions and eureka moments
  • The unerring eye of photographer Olive Cotton
  • Why the Franklin Frosties freeze every morning
  • Rodeos, races and other outback parties
  • Art and the reinvention of Hill End
  • How millions of breadtags ended up in Cowra
  • Follow an insider’s travel guide to Gippsland
  • Putting Australian tuna in supermarkets
  • Jenny Kee’s lifelong obsession with waratahs
  • The quest to distil the scents of a garden
  • Light the fire, warm the hearth for a long lunch
  • Is nuclear power the answer to our energy crisis?