Get The Job you Really Want

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Getting a job is one thing; getting the job you really want, is another. If you are reading this book because you are unemployed, looking to move jobs or return to the workforce after a break in your career, it's a great time to stop and reflect on what you really want. This is where the author begins. Then she dives into a comprehensive look at the steps to take to find a new job, make your application stand out from the crowd, ace the interview and start in a role you really want.

Looking to get the job that you want, develop your career further, or even enter the workforce for the first time?

Ever wondered what sets some candidates apart from others when applying or interviewing for a job? Or how you can position yourself for career success?

From resume tips, to online profiles, video interviewing, salary negotiations, career planning, and creative ways to stand out, Get the Job You Really Want, is the insider's guide to recruitment and career success.

Learn from top employers, recruiters and hiring managers. Understand what they look for and go behind the scenes to uncover the full recruitment process.

Readers will learn the steps that they can take to secure their ideal job. Perfect for job seekers, new graduates, and experienced professionals, this practical, invaluable guide will have you prepared, ready and positioned for career success.