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Here are 80 recipes for deliciously gluten-free cakes and pastries. There are recipes for the classics, such as chocolate brownies, tarte tatin, madeleines and marble cake; recipes for the timeless, such as cheesecake, lemon tart, strawberry cake and carrot cake; and completely original recipes such as the ultimate gluten-free wedding cake, passionfruit raspberry roll and coconut pineapple cake.

There is something for every occasion, from breakfast, midmorning pick-me-up, lunchtime cupcake and elegant dinner dessert - generous, extremely indulgent, and guaranteed gluten-free.

About the Author

Frederique Jules is the head of Noglu and is herself gluten-free for health reasons. The Noglu team works together developing recipes for their clientele who seek guaranteed gluten-free food that is also delicious. He first opened Noglu in Paris in 2012.

Noglu is a restaurant and bakery that serves gourmet meals and pastries to takeaway, 100% gluten-free. Their dishes, breads and pasties are produced daily from fresh and organic products. There are now two Noglu restaurants in Paris and a third on Madison Avenue, New York.