Good Morning Yoga Relaxing Poses for Children by Lorena Pajalunga

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This book - written in collaboration with AIYB, Italian Association of Yoga for Children - introduces fun, simple positions to help even the youngest kids relax and start their day right! Mornings are better with yoga! These carefully chosen positions - including Tree and Warrior poses - constructively channel kids' energy as they wake up and begin their day. Indispensable step-by-step instructions and Anna Lang's colourful and amusing illustrations make this book appealing and easy to follow. Namaste! AGES: 4 and up AUTHORS: Anna Lang is a graphic designer and illustrator who worked in advertising as well as with the National Theatre of Budapest. For White Star, she illustrated Play Yoga: Have Fun and Grow Healthy and Happy! She lives in Milan, where she currently works for the 6.14 Creative Licensing Agency. Lorena V. Pajalunga (Swami Pragya Chaksu Saraswati) founded the Associazione Italiana di Yoga per Bambini (AIYB). With a degree in Human Sciences for Education, she teaches yoga at the GiocaYoga laboratory at the Department of Pedagogy of the Body of the Bicocca University in Milan.