Grandma's Prickly Secret

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Age range 3 to 6

Grandma has a secret

that she doesn't wish to share

but what if Grandma's secret

could become something with flair?

What do you do when you find out your Grandma has a prickly secret..?

'When the child in this picture book barges in on their grandma in the bathroom attempting to pluck out two prominent chin hairs, they proceed to list all the ways those hairs could be used if only she let them grow. From tying glasses or keys to them for safekeeping to beading the hairs ornamentally or using them as dog leashes, each idea seems more ridiculous than the last. Nelli Suneli's bold illustrations match the text perfectly, while kids aged three to five are sure to get a giggle out of the outrageous suggestions and will probably delight in coming up with more of their own.' - Michael Earp, Books+Publishing