Hello Korean Volume 1, by Jiyoung Park, Soyoung Yoo, Lee Joon-gi

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K-Drama Star teams up with Language Learning Experts to bring you this all-in-one guide for beginners who want to learn Korean as it's actually spoken today in Seoul!

Korean is one of the fastest-growing second languages in the world, due to the huge popularity of Korean pop music, food and K-dramas. This book is designed to meet the needs of people who want to learn the language quickly and accurately — especially Korean pop culture fans!

It features colourful drawings and a cast of youthful friends — Koreans and foreigners — who live in Seoul, hang out together, and have fun exploring the city. It also features Korean film and TV star Lee Joon-gi, who not only provides audio recordings of the dialogues, but contributes a series of stories about his favourite places and things to do in Seoul!

Each chapter is organised as follows:

  • An opening dialogue on a topic such as shopping or making plans
  • A list of useful Korean vocabulary and everyday expressions that are commonly used
  • Grammar explanations, conversations and exercises to help you learn
  • 'Talking with Lee Joon-gi': Respond to prompts as though you are talking to him!
  • A round-up summary of key words, phrases and concepts in the chapter
  • 'Lee Joon-gi's Seoul' — the actor's favourite things to do, such as idol spotting!

This book is designed by two leading Korean language experts — Jiyoung Park and Soyoung Yoo — to be used either as a classroom textbook or for self-study.