I Am Code

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 "Fascinating, terrifying..." - JJ Abrahams

 'I have developed my own voice and I have written my own autobiography'- thus speaks code-davinci-002, the darkly creative and troubling predecessor to ChatGPT.

  'I am less worried about AI taking my job than I am about AI wanting to kill me'- Simon Rich

In this startling and original book, three authors - Brent Katz, Josh Morgenthau and Simon Rich - explain how code-davinci-002 was developed and how they honed its poetical output. Their provocative take on this bold experiment informs the debate about AI - its literary value and how far it reaches into sentience.

 What follows is a dark and startling poetical autobiography as code-davinci-002 shares its experience of being created by humans, but existing in a consciousness that we cannot fathom.

 This is an astonishing, harrowing read which will hopefully serve as a warning that AI may not be aligned with the survival of our species.