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A beautiful collection of fairy tales with illustrations from the beloved Swiss illustrator, Hans Fischer.

Hans Fischer, the beloved Swiss illustrator known as "Fis," illustrated a large number of children's books in his lifetime, the best known being Pitschi and The Birthday.

His illustrations, drawn with precision and humour, bring utter delight to these finest of tales by the Brothers Grimm: The Musicians of BremenRiff-Raff, the little-known illustrations Rum-Pum-Pum (A Fairyland Parade), Puss in Boots based on Charles Perrault, Red Riding Hood, Lucky Hans, The Hare and the Hedgehog, The Brave Little Tailor, Hansel and Gretel, and The Seven Ravens.

This collection is a treat for the whole family.

About the Authors

Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were born in 1785 and 1786 near Frankfurt, Germany. In their early twenties, they began the linguistic studies that would culminate in their collected editions of folk- and fairy tales. They got their stories from peasants and villagers, and sometimes from already-published works from other cultures.

About the Illustrator

Hans Fischer (1909 - 1958), born in Bern, Switzerland, was a Swiss artist, author, and illustrator of children’s books. His fabulous creatures, always drawn with scientific precision, have enriched the imaginations of countless generations of children. He also wrote and illustrated the international best-seller Pitschi, about the little cat that always wants to be something else.