Incredible Universe Vol 1 : The Solar System

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Since prehistory, humankind has gazed with wonder at the night sky.Beyond admiring the beauty of those small, twinkling lights, there has always been a desire by the thinkers through the ages to study and understand the jewels of the infinite starscape above.

This series of books takes you on a journey to explore the seemingly infinite scale, complexity and majesty of our Incredible Universe.This volume focuses on our solar system, starting with its place inside the observable universe, and the unimaginable scale of our galaxy and beyond.

The components of the solar system are then systematically introduced along with a summary of key facts, covering: the eight planets, the many dwarf planets, the asteroid and Kuiper belt, as well as the outer limits of the Oort Cloud.

The following 90 pages are dedicated to examining the sun, the eight planets and the dwarf planet Pluto in detail.Each is profiled over several pages, covering internal structure and atmosphere, surface features, moons, missions and prospects for astrobiology, along with spectacular imagery from NASA, ESA and other space agencies.

The concluding chapters provide a detailed account of exploration of Mars to date, as well as a look to the future and the next chapter of space exploration.This book will appeal to all interested in the wonders of the universe and our place within it.