Insane Emperors, Sunken Cities, and Earthquake Machines by Garrett Ryan

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Did the ancient Greeks and Romans have conspiracy theories? How did they prove their identity? And how much of the modern gold supply comes from the Romans? In a series of short and humorous essays, Insane Emperors, Sunken Cities, and Earthquake Machines features more answers to questions that ancient historian Garrett Ryan is frequently asked in the classroom, in online forums, and on his popular YouTube channel Told in Stone. Unlike most books on the classical world, the focus is not on famous figures or events, but on the fascinating details of daily life. Learn the answers to: Did a tsunami inspire the Story of Atlantis? How did they send long-distance messages? What if Caesar had survived the Ides of March? How did the Romans build the aqueducts? Did they practice Buddhism? How deadly was the eruption that destroyed Pompeii? What if the Roman Empire hadn't been ravaged by the Antonine Plague? Did they attend concerts? How did they pay taxes? Was Caligula actually insane? Did they have tattoos?