Tbilisi: Archive of Transition

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The capital of Georgia practically presents a new face every day. Ambitious building projects and large foreign investments are constantly changing the cityscape of Tbilisi. This relentless development is the subject of much debate among the city's residents: What should be preserved and what may be subjected to change? What is available for sale and what is common property? What do we want to remember and what are our sources of inspiration? The Archive of Transition is run by an international collective working at the intersection of art, science, journalism, design and photography. In 2015 they started to record the narratives of change in Tbilisi. For this book contributors from different fields were invited to form a collection of unpublished material that together provides a snapshot of a city in an age of global transition. Urban planners, architects, and activists recount what the changes mean to them and to life in this remarkable and fascinating place.