Learning Emotions Flashcards

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This unique set of 52 cards is part of an award-winning series, and is a great way to talk to your children about different emotions based on the emotional themes from the Australian Early Years Learning Framework. They may be used as a stand-alone product or in association with the Ginnie & Pinney eight book set and can be used to encourage language acquisition, vocabulary building, concept knowledge and emotional intelligence and empathy. They will stimulate interesting conversations between you and your child.

It is vital for children's emotional development to be able to name their emotions to express what they are feeling. The Ginnie and Pinney Learning Emotions Flashcards have been designed to develop this in a fun way.

Pack contains: 26 x A-Z of Emotion cards - 8 x Social Well being Theme cards - 7 x Character Trait cards - 5 x Facial Expression cards - 6 x Instruction cards - These cards will help your child build vocabulary, recognise feelings and develop emotional and social