Lebanon To Ghana

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Take a journey with Robert Bousamra and experience the authentic, traditional style of Lebanese cuisine passed down by his family. This collection of much-loved family recipes also reflects the culinary influences of a Lebanese family growing up in West Africa and Australia. With its emphasis on fresh ingredients and aromatic spices, this Lebanese cookbook showcases the healthy Mediterranean style of cooking based predominately on fresh vegetables, proteins, grains, yoghurt and olive oil. Featuring Lebanese classics such as baba ghannouj, kebbe and fatayer, and Ghanaian influenced dishes, including palm soup and jollof rice, each tantalising recipe is accompanied by a vibrant full colour image. Finishing with exciting menu suggestions, this unique cookbook will delight both novice and experienced cooks. Illustrated with cherished family photographs from Ghana and Australia, this is more than just a cookbook, it is a culinary memoir that celebrates family and good food.