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Victor Liong reveals 8 of his favourite ingredients and ways to use them.

Our Kitchen Cupboard
What needs to be said about Lee Ho Fook? Not much, we’d hope, given how chef Victor Liong's New-Style Chinese has been the talk of this food-obsessed town for a while now, the place itself graduating from its small shopfront in Collingwood of almost 7 years’ back to today's sleek, two-level restaurant and bar off Flinders Lane along the way. Here the acclaimed chef opens the doors to something a little more modest – his kitchen cupboard – revealing 8 of his all-time favourite ingredients and ways to use them.

Filled with stories, reflections and culinary advice, along with 25 practical recipes for home-cooked food that are bound to surprise and delight in equal measure, this is one little book that's going to get a WHOLE lot of use.