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In Tuesday Nights: Mediterranean, Chris Kimball and his team of cooks and editors at Milk Street deliver 125 simple, healthful recipes that are easy enough to tackle on a Tuesday night-but taste like they took all weekend. Drawing inspiration from Italy and the coast of France to Greece, Israel, Morocco, and beyond, this cookbook provides a fresh interpretation of Mediterranean meals that are as beloved for their health benefits as their robust flavor.

Every Tuesday Nights recipe delivers big, bold taste and is ready in under an hour-with many ready in under twenty minutes. Using pantry staples and just a few other ingredients, these meals range from authentic classics to a treasure trove of new and unexplored recipes.

Tuesday Nights Mediterranean is organized with the home cook in mind, gathering recipes in chapters such as Fast (under an hour), Faster (45 minutes or less), and Fastest (25 minutes or less), and will expand on the enduring popularity of the Mediterranean kitchen to help get dinner onto the table in a flash, any night of the week.